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(MESS) BBC Micro updates / fixes: [Nigel Barnes]
- implemented ram device, all models have default ramsize, model A is 16K/32K switchable. - added additional bios options for OS0.1, OS1.0 in models A/B. - added clones bbcb_de, bbcb_us for BBC B German and US export models. - added clones bbcmaiv, bbcmet, bbcmt, bbcm512, bbcmarm for other BBC Master models. - added clones bbcmc, bbcmc_ar for BBC Master Compact and Arabic models. - implemented BREAK key. - fixed 8271 disk loading of ssd,dsd images. - device mc146818 now accepts default CMOS RAM. - added default CMOS RAM settings for all Master models.
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diff --git a/src/mess/video/bbc.c b/src/mess/video/bbc.c
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--- a/src/mess/video/bbc.c
+++ b/src/mess/video/bbc.c
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ static const int pixels_per_byte_set[8]={ 2,4,8,16,1,2,4,8 };
static const int width_of_cursor_set[8]={ 0,0,1,2,1,0,2,4 };
/* this is a quick lookup array that puts bits 0,2,4,6 into bits 0,1,2,3
- this is used by the pallette lookup in the video ULA */
+ this is used by the palette lookup in the video ULA */
void bbc_state::set_pixel_lookup()
int i;