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Checkpoint 2:
gfxdecode devices must now be assigned a palette in MCFG. Added palette devices to several MESS drivers and devices to comply with this requirement. This palette is assigned as a default to the gfx_elements created by the device (but still not used for drawing yet, except in the UI graphics viewer) Tilemaps now have a pointer to a palette device and use that palette for rgb32 drawing, rather than the palette of the screen or bitmap they are drawing to (since rgb32 screens don't have palettes now). When a tilemap is created, it takes its palette from the gfxdecode device it was created with, but you can change a tilemap's palette device with set_palette() at any time (doing this does not mark the tilemap dirty, since all tilemaps use indexed bitmaps internally)
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diff --git a/src/mess/drivers/rainbow.c b/src/mess/drivers/rainbow.c
index 4f6fe9b35e6..53be7ae0b95 100644
--- a/src/mess/drivers/rainbow.c
+++ b/src/mess/drivers/rainbow.c
@@ -1211,7 +1211,7 @@ static MACHINE_CONFIG_START( rainbow, rainbow_state )
MCFG_SCREEN_VISIBLE_AREA(0, 80 * 10-1, 0, 24 * 10-1)
MCFG_SCREEN_UPDATE_DRIVER(rainbow_state, screen_update_rainbow)
- MCFG_GFXDECODE_ADD("gfxdecode", rainbow)
+ MCFG_GFXDECODE_ADD("gfxdecode", "vt100_video:palette", rainbow)
MCFG_RAINBOW_VIDEO_ADD("vt100_video", "screen", video_interface)