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Added another bit to the object RAM, used for screen masking on the sides
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@@ -341,10 +341,9 @@ Notes:
- dendeg intro object RAM usage has various gfx bugs (check video file)
- dendeg title screen builds up and it shouldn't
- - dendeg/dendeg2 doesn't show the odometer;
+ - dendeg/dendeg2 doesn't show the odometer (btanb, thanks ANY);
- landgear has some weird crashes (after playing one round, after a couple of loops in attract mode) (needs testing -AS)
- landgear has huge 3d problems on gameplay (CPU comms?)
- - All dendeg games have random wrong textures/palettes. (can't see any ... -AS)
- dendeg2 shows a debug string during gameplay?
- Train board (external sound board with OKI6295) is not emulated.
- dangcurv DSP program crashes very soon, so no 3d is currently shown.