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diexec: Interrupt API changes (nw)
- PULSE_LINE is no longer a value. Existing uses have been changed to pulse_input_line with attotime::zero as the second argument. - Formerly only INPUT_LINE_NMI and INPUT_LINE_RESET were allowed with PULSE_LINE. INPUT_LINE_NMI no longer receives special handling; instead, CPU devices must specify which of their input lines are edge-triggered and thus may be used with zero-width pulses by overriding the execute_input_edge_triggered predicate. INPUT_LINE_RESET is still special-cased, however. - execute_default_irq_vector now allows a different default vector to be specified for each input line. This added flexibility may or may not prove useful.
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diff --git a/src/mame/drivers/wolfpack.cpp b/src/mame/drivers/wolfpack.cpp
index 1016b8f3e85..37ad2034e7f 100644
--- a/src/mame/drivers/wolfpack.cpp
+++ b/src/mame/drivers/wolfpack.cpp
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ TIMER_CALLBACK_MEMBER(wolfpack_state::periodic_callback)
int scanline = param;
- m_maincpu->set_input_line(INPUT_LINE_NMI, PULSE_LINE);
+ m_maincpu->pulse_input_line(INPUT_LINE_NMI, attotime::zero);
scanline += 64;