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authorGravatarGravatar Aaron Giles <>2010-09-02 09:13:01 +0000
committerGravatarGravatar Aaron Giles <>2010-09-02 09:13:01 +0000
commit420e1e0ad52e1e0341d9ca2d1745e413a47fe6c0 (patch) (github)
treea5a8c7eb86a2a9cc70028e60bb8a3345ec0f3c6c /src/mame/drivers/tp84.c
parenta7313263b31b101fcc422c3ed2880d0b6b5e99b1 (diff)
Added include files for all remaining drivers with multiple source files.
[Atari Ace] ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Atari Ace <> Date: Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 10:35 PM Subject: [patch] Add missing include files for multi-file drivers To: Cc: Hi mamdev, Converting a driver to use driver_data requires that multi-file drivers have a common include file to host the driver_data class. Thus this patch, which gets ahead of the curve and adds missing include files to all multi-file drivers (minus ones covered by my last driver_data patch). The first patch is include-related cleanup of the existing drivers. The second patch then adds ~100 files to mame/includes. ~aa
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 18 deletions
diff --git a/src/mame/drivers/tp84.c b/src/mame/drivers/tp84.c
index 09c8c79978b..705de99967a 100644
--- a/src/mame/drivers/tp84.c
+++ b/src/mame/drivers/tp84.c
@@ -70,24 +70,7 @@ C004 76489 #4 trigger
#include "sound/sn76496.h"
#include "sound/flt_rc.h"
#include "includes/konamipt.h"
-extern UINT8 *tp84_bg_videoram;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_bg_colorram;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_fg_videoram;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_fg_colorram;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_spriteram;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_scroll_x;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_scroll_y;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_palette_bank;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_flipscreen_x;
-extern UINT8 *tp84_flipscreen_y;
-WRITE8_HANDLER( tp84_spriteram_w );
-READ8_HANDLER( tp84_scanline_r );
-PALETTE_INIT( tp84 );
-VIDEO_START( tp84 );
-VIDEO_UPDATE( tp84 );
+#include "includes/tp84.h"
static cpu_device *audiocpu;