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Most important thing to note about this change:
ALL DRIVERS MUST NOW EXPLICITLY DECLARE THEIR SCREENS. Read on for more detail.... Added device tag as a parameter to the start function for devices. Updated MC6845 to accept this tag. Added new functions for iterating through the device list and counting devices of a given type. Updated search and iteration functions to accept DEVICE_TYPE_WILDCARD to work across all devices. Added new macro MDRV_DEVICE_CONFIG_DATA() which is used to set a single item in an inline data structure. Removed the per-screen palette_base. This was an idea that never really worked out, nor have we really needed it. Defined a new device type VIDEO_SCREEN. Currently this has no live functionality, but merely serves as a placeholder/identifier for video screens. Eventually some of the screen management code may move into the start/stop/reset functions. Changed MDRV_SCREEN_* macros to build up VIDEO_SCREEN devices rather than storing values in the screen[] array. Changed MDRV_SCREEN_ADD to specify a screen type (RASTER, VECTOR, LCD for the moment). Removed the older VIDEO_TYPE_RASTER and VIDEO_TYPE_VECTOR; this information is now determined by walking the screen list. Removed the screen[] array from machine_config. Modified all code referencing Machine->config->screen[] and changed it to iterate over the devices using the new video_screen_first() and video_screen_next() functions. (The next step will be to add video_* functions that accept a tag instead of screen index, and then move systems over to always referencing screens by tag instead of index.) Removed implicit screen #0. This means that ALL DRIVERS MUST EXPLICITLY DECLARE THEIR SCREENS. Updated all drivers to do so. While there, grouped all MDRV_SCREEN_* parameters together. Also removed unnecessary VIDEO_TYPE_RASTER and VIDEO_TYPE_VECTOR. Also removed VBLANK and bitmap format information from vector games. This was painful and very tedious. Changed game information to display info about all screens.
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diff --git a/src/mame/drivers/taxidrvr.c b/src/mame/drivers/taxidrvr.c
index 0173bb0ab85..13f0e5d52c9 100644
--- a/src/mame/drivers/taxidrvr.c
+++ b/src/mame/drivers/taxidrvr.c
@@ -373,17 +373,18 @@ static MACHINE_DRIVER_START( taxidrvr )
MDRV_CPU_VBLANK_INT(irq0_line_hold,1) /* ??? */
MDRV_INTERLEAVE(100) /* 100 CPU slices per frame - an high value to ensure proper */
/* synchronization of the CPUs */
/* video hardware */
MDRV_SCREEN_SIZE(32*8, 32*8)
MDRV_SCREEN_VISIBLE_AREA(0*8, 32*8-1, 1*8, 27*8-1)