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netlist: Fixes to address PR #9752 and issue #8590 / EMSCRIPTEN (#9773)HEADmaster
netlist: pointer to member function code - Address PR #9752 and issue #8590 - change comments in ppmf.h - add support for function desciptors (IA64) - sizeof(size_t) may be different on build targets make plib::hash use uint64 to ensure consistent static solver hashes across platforms (EMSCRIPTEN) - Moved constructor and member functions outside the class declaration with the exception of "call" member functions. - Updated comment on accessing RDX - Added more test cases * Removed execution bit on certain files I have separated out the raw processing code into `ppmf.cpp`. I have also taken first steps to clean the abi identification. The code submitted now supports: a) The unknown virtual inheritance case with specific code for MSVC for simple (i.e. scalar, void, reference, pointer) return types using the optimized code. This is the test case only supported under MSVC and which should return 7. Please have a look at the code. Basically m_vptr_offset is an index into a pointer table. It needs to be multiplied by `sizeof(void *)`. b) If you enable PPMF_EXPERIMENTAL complex return type member functions for MSVC will also use the optimized code path. This is explained in detail in the code in ppmf, including caveats and possible solutions. c) Enabling PPMF_USE_MAME_DELEGATES will use `src/lib/util/delegate.h` as a replacement for `ppmf.h`. This allows to run the same tests (`nltool -c tests` from standalone build) as for the ppmf code. d) The code now also supports `clang-cl` e) sizeof(size_t) may be different on build targets. Make plib::hash use uint64 to ensure consistent static solver hashes across platforms. This fixes loading static solvers (if enabled) on EMSCRIPTEN.
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