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Introduced a generic_pointers structure within machine that is
designed to hold generic pointers that are commonly used. For now, only generic_nvram has moved there. Added AM_BASE_GENERIC and AM_SIZE_GENERIC macros for initializing generic pointers in memory maps. Also added AM_BASE_SIZE_GENERIC to set both base and size in one step. Moved global variables out of machine/generic and into a private data structure hanging off of the running_machine. Added newly- needed machine parameters to coin_counter_w, coin_lockout_w, and coin_lockout_global_w. Also added machine parameter to set_led_state. Added interface functions to get the number of dispensed tickets and to increment the count, to remove the need for direct access to these global variables. Also added functions to get the current count on a particular coin counter and to determine the lockout state. Future checkins will move the remaining generic pointers (for paletteram, videoram, spriteram, colorram, etc.) into the new generic_pointers structure.
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