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Streamline machine configuration macros - everyone's a device edition.
Start replacing special device macros with additional constructors, starting with ISA, INTELLEC 4 and RS-232 buses. Allow an object finder to take on the target of another object finder. (For a combination of the previous two things in action, see either the INTELLEC 4 driver, or the Apple 2 PC Exporter card. Also check out looping over a device finder array to instantiate devices in some places. Lots of things no longer need to pass tags around.) Start supplying default clocks for things that have a standard clock or have all clocks internal. Eliminate the separate DEV versions of the DEVCB_ macros. Previously, the plain versions were a shortcut for DEVICE_SELF as the target. You can now supply a string tag (relative to current device being configured), an object finder (takes on the base and relative tag), or a reference to a device/interface (only do this if you know the device won't be replaced out from under it, but that's a safe assumption for your subdevices). In almost all cases, you can get the effect you want by supplying *this as the target. Eliminate sound and CPU versions of macros. They serve no useful purpose, provide no extra checks, make error messages longer, add indirection, and mislead newbies into thinking there's a difference. Remove a lot of now-unnecessary ":" prefixes binding things relative to machine root. Clean up some miscellaneous rot. Examples of new functionality in use in (some more subtle than others): * src/mame/drivers/intellec4.cpp * src/mame/drivers/tranz330.cpp * src/mame/drivers/osboren1.cpp * src/mame/drivers/zorba.cpp * src/mame/devices/smioc.cpp * src/devices/bus/a2bus/pc_xporter.cpp * src/devices/bus/isa/isa.h * src/devices/bus/isa/isa.h * src/devices/bus/intellec4/intellec4.h
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diff --git a/src/mame/drivers/europc.cpp b/src/mame/drivers/europc.cpp
index 84722eb92d8..e38e3fcf187 100644
--- a/src/mame/drivers/europc.cpp
+++ b/src/mame/drivers/europc.cpp
@@ -521,22 +521,22 @@ void europc_pc_state::cfg_builtin_720K(device_t *device)
//Euro PC
- MCFG_CPU_ADD("maincpu", I8088, 4772720*2)
- MCFG_CPU_PROGRAM_MAP(europc_map)
- MCFG_CPU_IO_MAP(europc_io)
- MCFG_CPU_IRQ_ACKNOWLEDGE_DEVICE("mb:pic8259", pic8259_device, inta_cb)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("maincpu", I8088, 4772720*2)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_IO_MAP(europc_io)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_IRQ_ACKNOWLEDGE_DEVICE("mb:pic8259", pic8259_device, inta_cb)
- MCFG_ISA8_SLOT_ADD("mb:isa", "isa1", pc_isa8_cards, "aga", false)
- MCFG_ISA8_SLOT_ADD("mb:isa", "isa2", pc_isa8_cards, "lpt", false)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("isa1", ISA8_SLOT, 0, "mb:isa", pc_isa8_cards, "aga", false) // FIXME: determine ISA bus clock
+ MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("isa2", ISA8_SLOT, 0, "mb:isa", pc_isa8_cards, "lpt", false)
- MCFG_ISA8_SLOT_ADD("mb:isa", "isa3", pc_isa8_cards, "com", false)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("isa3", ISA8_SLOT, 0, "mb:isa", pc_isa8_cards, "com", false)
- MCFG_ISA8_SLOT_ADD("mb:isa", "isa4", pc_isa8_cards, "fdc_xt", false)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("isa4", ISA8_SLOT, 0, "mb:isa", pc_isa8_cards, "fdc_xt", false)
MCFG_SLOT_OPTION_MACHINE_CONFIG("fdc_xt", cfg_builtin_720K)
- MCFG_PC_KEYB_ADD("pc_keyboard", DEVWRITELINE("mb:pic8259", pic8259_device, ir1_w))
+ MCFG_PC_KEYB_ADD("pc_keyboard", WRITELINE("mb:pic8259", pic8259_device, ir1_w))
@@ -563,9 +563,9 @@ MACHINE_CONFIG_START(europc_pc_state::euroxt)
- MCFG_ISA8_SLOT_ADD("mb:isa", "isa5", pc_isa8_cards, "xtide", false)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("isa5", ISA8_SLOT, 0, "mb:isa", pc_isa8_cards, "xtide", false) // FIXME: determine ISA bus clock
- MCFG_ISA8_SLOT_ADD("mb:isa", "isa6", pc_isa8_cards, "lpt", false)
+ MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("isa6", ISA8_SLOT, 0, "mb:isa", pc_isa8_cards, "lpt", false)