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Moved several include files from mame/ to emu/, as they were
included by generic components in emu/ and thus should have no dependencies on the MAME code. Added new target ldplayer, which is based on MAME but serves as a standalone laserdisc player for CHDs. Right now only the Pioneer LD-V1000 is connected, and limited commands are available. Each player type is a driver, so you specify the player type on the command-line. The driver then opens the first CHD it finds in your ROM path and uses that as the laserdisc. The intention is that you specify the -rompath each time on the command-line, so a typical approach might be: ldplayer ldv1000 -rompath j:\mach3 where it will pick up the mach3.chd lurking in your j:\mach3 folder. Several basic commands are supported: Space = play/pause Alt = toggle frame display Left = scan forward (when playing) or step forward (when paused) Right = scan backward (when playing) or step backward (when paused) 0-9 = enter numbers for search Enter = execute search to frame
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+ ldpdriv.c
+ mamedriv.c substitute file for "ldplayer" MAME builds.
+ Copyright Nicola Salmoria and the MAME Team.
+ Visit for licensing and usage restrictions.
+ The list of used drivers. Drivers have to be included here to be recognized
+ by the executable.
+ To save some typing, we use a hack here. This file is recursively #included
+ twice, with different definitions of the DRIVER() macro. The first one
+ declares external references to the drivers; the second one builds an array
+ storing all the drivers.
+#include "driver.h"
+/* step 1: declare all external references */
+#define DRIVER(NAME) extern game_driver driver_##NAME;
+#include "ldpdriv.c"
+/* step 2: define the drivers[] array */
+#undef DRIVER
+#define DRIVER(NAME) &driver_##NAME,
+const game_driver * const drivers[] =
+#include "ldpdriv.c"
+ 0 /* end of array */
+ DRIVER( ldv1000 ) /* Pioneer LD-V1000 */
+#endif /* DRIVER_RECURSIVE */