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-devices/cpu/unsp: Various fixes: [Ryan Holtz]
* Fixed push and pop instructions in the DRC. Fixes Wall-E. * Eliminated the use of intermediate register I7 in the DRC. * Reworked DRC timing to be fully in line with the interpreter. * Reworked DRC block checksumming to not route through the memory system. * Fixed DRC block checksumming to include all words in an opcode. Fixes V.Smile intro graphical glitches. * Increased cache size and reduced block size to reduce frequency of cache flushes and associated recompiles. * Added more verbose optional register and write logging. * Added a direct setter for IRQ lines to avoid a scheduler sync, pending merging the spg2xx_device into a unsp_device subclass. * Added direct setters/getters for the data segment as well.
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