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-Lua cleanup and documentation migration checkpoint.
* Cleaned up some more of the Lua inteface. Mostly replacing methods with properties, some consistency fixes, a few renames, some more exposed functionality, and a couple of properties that have no business being set from scripts made read-only. * Moved a lot more Lua documentation out of source comments into the documentation, and expanded on it in the process. * Got more UI code out of the input manager. * Changed input sequence poller to a polymorphic class where you specify your intention upfront. * Changed the cheat plugin to use UI Clear to clear hotkey assignments and leave them unchanged if the user starts assignment but doesn't press any switches. * Ported AJR's fix for over-eager double-click recognition from SDL to Windows OSD. -goldnpkr.cpp: Cleaned up inputs, using standard keyout and payout types and key assignments.
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diff --git a/src/frontend/mame/ui/inputmap.h b/src/frontend/mame/ui/inputmap.h
index 01649b0b1ef..bdc1449c89b 100644
--- a/src/frontend/mame/ui/inputmap.h
+++ b/src/frontend/mame/ui/inputmap.h
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ protected:
input_item_data *pollingitem;
- input_sequence_poller seq_poll;
+ std::unique_ptr<input_sequence_poller> seq_poll;
std::string errormsg;
input_item_data *erroritem;
input_item_data *lastitem;