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Make expressions octal for applicable address spaces in disassembly view
debug/express.cpp, debugcpu.cpp: General cleanup (nw) - Change default base from hardcoded macro to dynamic parameter for parsed_expression - Change symbol table parameters and variables to references or std::reference_wrapper - Remove the (unused) ability to construct a parsed_expression without a symbol table - Eliminate symbol_table &table and void *memory_param arguments from callbacks (superfluous now that std::function can bind everything necessary) - Eliminate globalref pointer from symbol_table - Add explicitly defaulted move constructor and move assignment operator
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diff --git a/src/frontend/mame/cheat.h b/src/frontend/mame/cheat.h
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--- a/src/frontend/mame/cheat.h
+++ b/src/frontend/mame/cheat.h
@@ -327,8 +327,8 @@ public:
// global helpers
static std::string quote_expression(parsed_expression const &expression);
- static uint64_t execute_frombcd(symbol_table &table, int params, uint64_t const *param);
- static uint64_t execute_tobcd(symbol_table &table, int params, uint64_t const *param);
+ static uint64_t execute_frombcd(int params, uint64_t const *param);
+ static uint64_t execute_tobcd(int params, uint64_t const *param);
// internal helpers