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Cleaned up Virtal Boy slot code.
vboy.xml updates: * Set width and endianness for all ROM regions * Added width and endianness for SRAM, assuming all cartridges have 8k*32 SRAM for now * Removed mirroring - this is an implementation detail * Removed "slot" features - there's enough information to work this out anyway bus/vboy updates: * Made slot probe software part to determine cartridge type * Made cartridges responsible for installing themselves * Added support for arbitrary cartridge sizes, assuming simplistic decoding * Added support for 8-bit and 16-bit SRAM on LSBs * Added support for EXP space and INTCRO output * Fixed SRAM not being loaded bus/generic: added a helper for mapping non-power-of-two memory with simple decoding cpu/v810: send I/O accesses to program space if I/O space is unconfigured vboy.cpp: updated for changed slot and CPU code bus/wswan: added notes The Virtual Boy software list is still in pretty poor shape. It's assuming all carts with SRAM have 8k*32, there are a bunch of feature tags for ICs that don't actually give an IC type, making them useless, 3-D Tetris mentions a battery but doesn't have an SRAM data area, Virtual Fishing refers to a HY6254ALLJ-10 which isn't a real part (I assume it means HY6264ALLJ-10 which is an 8k*8 50µA standby SRAM).
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diff --git a/src/emu/device.cpp b/src/emu/device.cpp
index 5dc0366d99e..934c05ddcd7 100644
--- a/src/emu/device.cpp
+++ b/src/emu/device.cpp
@@ -879,16 +879,15 @@ std::string device_t::subtag(std::string _tag) const
const char *tag = _tag.c_str();
std::string result;
- // if the tag begins with a colon, ignore our path and start from the root
if (*tag == ':')
+ // if the tag begins with a colon, ignore our path and start from the root
- // otherwise, start with our path
+ // otherwise, start with our path
if (result != ":")