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Finished adding new mechanism for allowing parts of views to be hidden.
Changed name of element to "collection" and initial visibility attribute to "visible", and added them to documentation. Also added them to Fixed issue with collection inside group, and improved initial view selection behaviour. Updated some internal layouts to demonstrate new features, including et3400, irrmaze, ltcasino, mekd3/mekd4, seawolf and vgmplay. Removed all uses of cpanel, marquee and overlay from internal layouts and removed them from to actively discourage use. Also cleaned up view names in layouts that were using them in place of spaces, and removed some superfluous name attributes on elements that won't do anything useful with an output value anyway. Made vgmplay cycle visualiser modes when visualiser screen is clicked. Fixed a copy/paste error in bus/rs232/hlemouse.cpp while I'm at it.
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diff --git a/src/emu/render.h b/src/emu/render.h
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--- a/src/emu/render.h
+++ b/src/emu/render.h
@@ -716,6 +716,7 @@ private:
group_map &groupmap,
std::vector<layout_group const *> &seen,
bool empty,
+ bool collection,
bool repeat,
bool init);