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Big debugger cleanup.
Important note for OSD ports: the get/set property functions have been retired for debug_views. Instead, there are specific functions to perform each get/set operation. In addition, the format of the update callback has changed to pass the osd private data in, and the update callback/osd private data must be passed in at view allocation time. And osd_wait_for_debugger() now gets a CPU object instead of the machine. Removed extra debugger tracking for address spaces and added some of the useful data to the address_space structure. Updated all debugger commands and views to use CPU and address space objects where appropriate. Added new memory functions for converting between bytes and addresses, and for performing translations for a given address space. Removed debugger macros that did similar things in favor of calling these functions. Rewrote most of the memory view handling. Disasm and register views still need some additional tweaking.
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diff --git a/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h b/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h
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--- a/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h
+++ b/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h
@@ -17,11 +17,22 @@
-/* initialization */
+/* ----- initialization ----- */
+/* initializes the command system */
void debug_command_init(running_machine *machine);
-/* parameter validation */
+/* ----- parameter validation ----- */
+/* validates a number parameter */
int debug_command_parameter_number(running_machine *machine, const char *param, UINT64 *result);
+/* validates a parameter as a cpu */
int debug_command_parameter_cpu(running_machine *machine, const char *param, const device_config **result);
+/* validates a parameter as a cpu and retrieves the given address space */
+int debug_command_parameter_cpu_space(running_machine *machine, const char *param, int spacenum, const address_space **result);