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author Aaron Giles <>2010-08-19 07:26:14 +0000
committer Aaron Giles <>2010-08-19 07:26:14 +0000
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Replace "const address_space" with "address_space" throughout the system.
The purpose of making it const before was to discourage direct tampering, but private/protected does a better job of that now anyhow, and it is annoying now. s/const[ \t]+address_space\b/address_space/g; Is basically what I did.
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diff --git a/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h b/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h
index 6a68dfd96b6..7e43b784786 100644
--- a/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h
+++ b/src/emu/debug/debugcmd.h
@@ -33,6 +33,6 @@ int debug_command_parameter_number(running_machine *machine, const char *param,
int debug_command_parameter_cpu(running_machine *machine, const char *param, device_t **result);
/* validates a parameter as a cpu and retrieves the given address space */
-int debug_command_parameter_cpu_space(running_machine *machine, const char *param, int spacenum, const address_space **result);
+int debug_command_parameter_cpu_space(running_machine *machine, const char *param, int spacenum, address_space **result);