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diff --git a/src/devices/bus/spectrum/mgt.cpp b/src/devices/bus/spectrum/mgt.cpp
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--- a/src/devices/bus/spectrum/mgt.cpp
+++ b/src/devices/bus/spectrum/mgt.cpp
@@ -103,8 +103,17 @@
v3 rom: use system disk/system tape ver 3a, 3b or 3d
+D G+DOS versions:
- a v1 (-non a) exists but has yet to be found/dumped,
- from "pick-poke-it" user manual:
+ The rom/system disk versions must match,
+ v1 rom: system disk/system tape ver 1
+ v1a rom: system disk/system tape ver 2a
+ +D only curiosities:
+ The earliest v1.0 unit has a very crude pcb (no solder resist or silkscreen markings),
+ has various rework modifications (cut tracks, flying wires, piggy-backed chips etc.),
+ the PAL is a 16L6 rather than a 20L8 used in later version (only known dump is bruteforced and converted to gal20v8 target.)
+ details here:
+ from "pick-poke-it" user manual (reguarding v1.0 unit):
"A few PLUS D users are still using Version 1 of the ROM which was used in PLUS D's sold in December 1987-January 1988.
... check the serial number on the bottom of your PLUS D. If it's a 4-figure number commencing with 1,
then you have a PLUS D with the Version 1 ROM."
@@ -231,9 +240,13 @@ ROM_START(plusd)
ROM_SYSTEM_BIOS(1, "unidos", "UNI-DOS v2")
ROMX_LOAD("plusd_uni.rom", 0x0000, 0x2000, CRC(60920496) SHA1(399c8c7c8335bc59849a2182c32347603fd0288a), ROM_BIOS(1))
+ ROM_SYSTEM_BIOS(2, "gdos1", "G+DOS v1")
+ ROMX_LOAD("plusd_g1.rom", 0x0000, 0x2000, CRC(e29c0d41) SHA1(fd7e4557d0080a3532200ce72211eb1b185d7d0a), ROM_BIOS(2))
- ROM_REGION( 0x200, "plds", 0 )
+ ROM_REGION( 0x400, "plds", 0 )
ROM_LOAD( "alice_pal20l8.ic4", 0x000, 0x144, CRC(60135856) SHA1(41273f13a3680b29ba84ae1e85829482c783c55e) )
+ ROM_LOAD( "v1_pal16l6.icx", 0x200, 0x157, CRC(77076102) SHA1(5142068ae01ff29979b08e6b322512750fbc6a04) ) // v1.0 pcb, ic ref unknown (no silkscreen on pcb!), gal20v8 target