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Devfind revision phase 2 (nw)
- Eliminate read_safe as a global function and make it a method of optional_ioport (and required_ioport, for which it makes less sense). - New constructor for optional_ioport_array and required_ioport_array using std::initializer_list to specify tag list - Remove pointer/reference conversion operators for required_ioport and optional_ioport. Explicit getters like found() and target() are now required when dereferencing isn't wanted. Many drivers have been changed to use required_ioport_array and optional_ioport_array to make this cleaner. - Update numerous drivers that were using read_safe to use I/O port finders generally. Port names have been kept the same as far as possible to avoid breaking saves.(Some of the optional finders should probably be required.) - Give edfbl and monkelf their own memory maps so hacky input reading routines can be removed. - Clean up some legacy static handlers in amiga.cpp and cubo.cpp.
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diff --git a/src/devices/video/snes_ppu.h b/src/devices/video/snes_ppu.h
index cc1f2a3311d..79bcf34f7b7 100644
--- a/src/devices/video/snes_ppu.h
+++ b/src/devices/video/snes_ppu.h
@@ -278,6 +278,11 @@ protected:
devcb_read16 m_openbus_cb;
+ optional_ioport m_options;
+ optional_ioport m_debug1;
+ optional_ioport m_debug2;
+ optional_ioport m_debug3;
+ optional_ioport m_debug4;