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s2650: I/O modernization
- Replace fake S2650_SENSE_PORT address with line read callback (set_input_line should also work). There are still some doubts regarding whether VBLANK should be inverted in various drivers. - Replace fake S2650_CTRL_PORT and S2650_DATA_PORT addresses with... well, these aren't dedicated parallel ports, so they actually haven't gone away. They have, however, been moved to a new 1-bit address space, since the ports share the main data bus and are distinguished from each other by an address line.
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diff --git a/src/devices/sound/tms5110.h b/src/devices/sound/tms5110.h
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--- a/src/devices/sound/tms5110.h
+++ b/src/devices/sound/tms5110.h
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ public:
// this is only used by cvs.c
// it is not related at all to the speech generation and conflicts with the new ROM controller interface.
- DECLARE_READ8_MEMBER( romclk_hack_r );
+ DECLARE_READ_LINE_MEMBER( romclk_hack_r );
void set_frequency(int frequency);