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Move devices into a proper hierarchy and handle naming
and paths consistently for devices, I/O ports, memory regions, memory banks, and memory shares. [Aaron Giles] NOTE: there are likely regressions lurking here, mostly due to devices not being properly found. I have temporarily added more logging to -verbose to help understand what's going on. Please let me know ASAP if anything that is being actively worked on got broken. As before, the driver device is the root device and all other devices are owned by it. Previously all devices were kept in a single master list, and the hierarchy was purely logical. With this change, each device owns its own list of subdevices, and the hierarchy is explicitly manifest. This means when a device is removed, all of its subdevices are automatically removed as well. A side effect of this is that walking the device list is no longer simple. To address this, a new set of iterator classes is provided, which walks the device tree in a depth first manner. There is a general device_iterator class for walking all devices, plus templates for a device_type_iterator and a device_interface_iterator which are used to build iterators for identifying only devices of a given type or with a given interface. Typedefs for commonly-used cases (e.g., screen_device_iterator, memory_interface_iterator) are provided. Iterators can also provide counts, and can perform indexed lookups. All device name lookups are now done relative to another device. The maching_config and running_machine classes now have a root_device() method to get the root of the hierarchy. The existing machine->device("name") is now equivalent to machine->root_device().subdevice("name"). A proper and normalized device path structure is now supported. Device names that start with a colon are treated as absolute paths from the root device. Device names can also use a caret (^) to refer to the owning device. Querying the device's tag() returns the device's full path from the root. A new method basetag() returns just the final tag. The new pathing system is built on top of the device_t::subtag() method, so anyone using that will automatically support the new pathing rules. Each device has its own internal map to cache successful lookups so that subsequent lookups should be very fast. Updated every place I could find that referenced devices, memory regions, I/O ports, memory banks and memory shares to leverage subtag/subdevice (or siblingtag/siblingdevice which are built on top). Removed the device_list class, as it doesn't apply any more. Moved some of its methods into running_machine instead. Simplified the device callback system since the new pathing can describe all of the special-case devices that were previously handled manually. Changed the core output function callbacks to be delegates. Completely rewrote the validity checking mechanism. The validity checker is now a proper C++ class, and temporarily takes over the error and warning outputs. All errors and warnings are collected during a session, and then output in a consistent manner, with an explicit driver and source file listed for each one, as well as additional device and/or I/O port contexts where appropriate. Validity checkers should no longer explicitly output this information, just the error, assuming that the context is provided. Rewrote the software_list_device as a modern device, getting rid of the software_list_config abstraction and simplifying things. Changed the way FLAC compiles so that it works like other external libraries, and also compiles successfully for MSVC builds.
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@@ -410,6 +410,10 @@ ifdef USE_NETWORK
+# need to ensure FLAC functions are statically linked
# compile flags
@@ -634,7 +638,6 @@ all: default tools
FLAC_LIB = $(OBJ)/libflac.a $(OBJ)/libflac++.a
-FLAC_LIB = $(OBJ)/libflac.a $(OBJ)/libflac++.a
# defines needed by multiple make files