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Created CPU-specific device types for all CPUs, using new macros
DECLARE_LEGACY_CPU_DEVICE and DEFINE_LEGACY_CPU_DEVICE. Changed CPUs to be their own device types, rather than all of type CPU with a special internal subtype. Note that as part of this process I removed the CPU_ prefix from the ALL-CAPS device name, so CPU_Z80 is just plain old Z80 now. This required changing a couple of names like 8080 to I8080 so that there was an alphabetic first character. Added memory interfaces to the list of fast-access interfaces. To do this properly I had to add a separate method to devices which is called immediately after construction, when it is possible to perform dynamic_casts on fully-constructed objects. (This is just internal, no changes necessary to the devices themselves.) Some additional notes: * SH2 and SH4 had typedefs that conflicted with their CPU_-less names so I bulk renamed to structures to sh2_state and sh4_state; RB, feel free to choose alternate names if you don't like 'em * SCSP was caught doing something to the 3rd indexed CPU. Since several systems that use SCSP don't even have 3 CPUs, I had no idea what this was supposed to do, so I changed to it reference "audiocpu" assuming that stv was the assumed target. This is really gross and should be a configuration parameter, not a hard-coded assumption.
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