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Having decided to look at the MAME source again, I have a fairly minor patch:
* Fix build of ldplayer on OS X. Since the CUSTOM sound module no longer exists, I arbitrarily changed it to WAVE, as ar gets upset if it has no input files. I also removed the -all_load flag for ldplayer from the main makefile as it upsets the linker on OS X. * Fix build for PPC64 Linux. (This slightly messes up static branch prediction hints on OS X and AIX, but OS X for PPC64 is dead, and no- one builds MAME for AIX, and it will still build, anyway.) * Paramaterise the arguments to check for NULL in the ATTR_NONNULL macro rather than just checking the first argument. This requires compiler support for C99 variadic macros (MSVC2005 and GCC4 have this AFAIK). Vas
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@@ -402,11 +402,6 @@ ifdef MAP
-# any reason why this doesn't work for all cases?
-ifeq ($(TARGETOS),macosx)
-LDFLAGSEMULATOR += -Xlinker -all_load