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ioport.c C++ conversion. Mostly internal changes, with no
intended differences from previous behavior. For drivers, the main change is that input_port_read() no longer exists. Instead, the port must be fetched from the appropriate device, and then read() is called. For member functions, this is actually simpler/cleaner: value = ioport("tag")->read() For legacy functions which have a driver_data state, it goes: value = state->ioport("tag")->read() For other legacy functions, they need to fetch the root device: value = machine.root_device().ioport("tag")->read() The other big change for drivers is that IPT_VBLANK is gone. Instead, it has been replaced by a device line callback on the screen device. There's a new macro PORT_VBLANK("tag") which automatically points things to the right spot. Here's a set of imperfect search & replace strings to convert the input_port_read calls and fix up IPT_VBLANK: input_port_read( *\( *)(machine\(\)) *, *([^)]+ *\)) ioport\1\3->read\(\) input_port_read( *\( *)(.*machine[()]*) *, *([^)]+ *\)) \2\.root_device\(\)\.ioport\1\3->read\(\) (state = .*driver_data[^}]+)space->machine\(\)\.root_device\(\)\. \1state-> (state = .*driver_data[^}]+)device->machine\(\)\.root_device\(\)\. \1state-> input_port_read_safe( *\( *)(machine\(\)) *, *([^,]+), *([^)]+\)) ioport\1\3->read_safe\(\4\) IPT_VBLANK( *\)) IPT_CUSTOM\1 PORT_VBLANK("screen")
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diff --git a/makefile b/makefile
index 573ec648cac..281148300e6 100644
--- a/makefile
+++ b/makefile
@@ -474,19 +474,15 @@ endif
# add the optimization flag
-# if we are optimizing, include optimization options
-# and make all errors into warnings
-ifneq ($(OPTIMIZE),0)
-ifneq ($(TARGETOS),os2)
+# add the error warning flag
-CCOMFLAGS += -Werror -fno-strict-aliasing $(ARCHOPTS)
-CCOMFLAGS += -fno-strict-aliasing $(ARCHOPTS)
+CCOMFLAGS += -Werror
+# if we are optimizing, include optimization options
+ifneq ($(OPTIMIZE),0)
CCOMFLAGS += -fno-strict-aliasing $(ARCHOPTS)
# add a basic set of warnings