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- "And he did give them CRT bloom, and it scorched their eyes so; and they wept
openly, for there was nothing left to see with" [MooglyGuy] * Enabled vector bloom and associated .ini controls * Added raster bloom and associated .ini controls, each bloom "level" is the linear weight of successively half-sized render targets * Removed D3D8 mode * Mass renaming in D3D renderer to use namespaces, initial planning step to HAL-based renderer implementation on Windows (i.e., GL on Windows) * Converted d3d_info, d3d_poly_info, and d3d_texture_info into classes * Added batching of vectors for possible speed increase * Minor cleanup of shader state setting
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diff --git a/hlsl/phosphor.fx b/hlsl/phosphor.fx
index f48417459c4..b1a7f983435 100644
--- a/hlsl/phosphor.fx
+++ b/hlsl/phosphor.fx
@@ -114,8 +114,8 @@ technique TestTechnique
Lighting = FALSE;
- //Sampler[0] = <DiffuseSampler>;
- //Sampler[1] = <PreviousSampler>;
+ Sampler[0] = <DiffuseSampler>;
+ Sampler[1] = <PreviousSampler>;
VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 vs_main();
PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 ps_main();