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neogeo code exposed for use by aes in mess by Haze (no whatsnew)
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE softwarelist SYSTEM "softwarelist.dtd">
+<!-- The list contains both MVS and AES cartridges.
+ For the majority of official titles the actual ROM data contained in the cartridges is compatible across systems, the actual codepath taken
+ depends upon the bios used.
+ The only real difference with the cartridges is the physical form of the cartridges which allowed a delayed release of the game for AES
+ systems at a higher cost. Due to this many adapters are available which plug into an AES unit allowing you to plug any standard MVS cart
+ into the system. Reverse adapters exist, although were less common because there was no reason to use them. All MVS carts can be used
+ with AES systems so there is no reason to have separate lists especially when in the majority of cases the data is identical.
+ The primary MVS / AES releases are marked in the list for documentation purposes, typically the first AES release is just a later revision
+ of the game code with additional bugfixes etc. when compared to the primary MVS release.
+ Todo: games which are actually incompatible between systems (the first release of kof2001, and many of the bootlegs / hacks) should be
+ tagged with compatibility tags.
<softwarelist name="neogeo" description="SNK Neo-Geo cartridges">