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Added basic support in bitmap.c for 64-bit indexed bitmaps. As a
result, you will need a full recompile with this change, since the bitmap formats enum was altered. Introduced new feature -burnin, which can be used to generate a PNG that represents the overall brightness seen during the course of running a game. This PNG can be used as a fake "bezel" that overlays the screen via the artwork systems (with a low alpha, say 0.1 or 0.2) to simulate running a game with a monitor that has been burned in from another game. Fixed the -crsshairpath option to be spelled properly.
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@@ -514,9 +514,21 @@ Core state/playback options
-wavwrite <filename>
Writes the final mixer output to the given <filename> in WAV format,
- producing an audio recording of the game session. The default is
+ producing an audio recording of the game session. The default is
NULL (no recording).
+ Tracks brightness of the screen during play and at the end of
+ emulation generates a PNG that can be used to simulate burn-in
+ effects on other games. The resulting PNG is created such that the
+ least used-areas of the screen are fully white (since burned-in areas
+ are darker, all other areas of the screen must be lightened a touch).
+ The intention is that this PNG can be loaded via an artwork file with
+ a low alpha (e.g, 0.1-0.2 seems to work well) and blended over the
+ entire screen. The PNG files are saved in the snap directory under
+ the gamename/burnin-<>.png. The default is OFF (-noburnin).
Core performance options