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HLSL shader improvements
- changed shadow mask implementation, shadow count XY now represent the number of pixel the shadow UV sized tiles will take on the screen - implemented rotation of the shadow mask texture depending on the default landscape or portrait view of the screen - removed prescale and pixel border of the shadow mask texture - added option to change the shadow UV offset, to reduce the color bleeding of the shadow mask - adjusted presets to work with the changed mask implementation - reduced defocus offset - improved downsampling for better blurring - improved alignment of bloom layers (raster and vector) - applied bloom effect to the render output of screenshot and AVI recording - changed curvature effect to fit screen size - changed scanlines to be not rendered into bloom layers - changed shadow mask to be not rendered into bloom layers - changed color floor to not light the bloom layers - changed shadow mask to not dark the color floor - added image vignetting simulation and option - added round screen corner simulation and option - added screen light reflection simulation and option - made usage of unused brightness offset (additive) - removed unused pincushion option - removed duplicate shadow count Y options - removed artwork/adapture.png - added artwork/adapture-grill.png - added artwork/shadow-mask.png - added artwork/slot-mask.png - added hlsl/simple.fx - removed unused shaders::blit() function - added shaders::screen_pass() function, which handles the (raster-)rendering on screen, into screenshot and AVI recording - added effect:set_bool() function
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