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author hap <>2020-01-05 14:14:43 +0100
committer hap <>2020-01-05 14:14:43 +0100
commit520a70cfebdde35f1b253d8f3b742c544d35f91b (patch)
parent6f311a9b1ccacebf8383805d3a84e9f93251917a (diff)
risc2500: small update to layout (nw)
2 files changed, 31 insertions, 24 deletions
diff --git a/src/mame/drivers/saitek_risc2500.cpp b/src/mame/drivers/saitek_risc2500.cpp
index bd4b2de5543..be99836ebd5 100644
--- a/src/mame/drivers/saitek_risc2500.cpp
+++ b/src/mame/drivers/saitek_risc2500.cpp
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ TODO:
Is cpu cycle timing wrong? I suspect conditional branch timing due to cache miss
(pipeline has to refill). The delay loop between writing to the speaker is simply:
SUBS R2, R2, #$1, BNE $2000cd8
+- does it have an LCDC? if so, what chip?
@@ -102,7 +103,7 @@ void risc2500_state::remove_boot_rom()
void risc2500_state::lcd_palette(palette_device &palette) const
palette.set_pen_color(0, rgb_t(131, 136, 139)); // lcd pixel off
- palette.set_pen_color(1, rgb_t(92, 83, 88)); // lcd pixel on
+ palette.set_pen_color(1, rgb_t(51, 42, 43)); // lcd pixel on
palette.set_pen_color(2, rgb_t(138, 146, 148)); // background
@@ -118,7 +119,7 @@ uint32_t risc2500_state::screen_update(screen_device &screen, bitmap_ind16 &bitm
uint8_t gfx = bitswap<8>(m_vram[c*5 + x], 6,5,0,1,2,3,4,7);
for(int y=0; y<7; y++)
- bitmap.pix16(y, 71 - (c*6 + x)) = (gfx >> (y + 1)) & 1;
+ bitmap.pix16(y + 1, 71 - (c*6 + x)) = (gfx >> (y + 1)) & 1;
// LCD digits and symbols
@@ -287,8 +288,8 @@ void risc2500_state::risc2500(machine_config &config)
screen_device &screen(SCREEN(config, "screen", SCREEN_TYPE_LCD));
screen.set_vblank_time(ATTOSECONDS_IN_USEC(2500)); /* not accurate */
- screen.set_size(12*6+1, 7);
- screen.set_visarea(0, 12*6, 0, 7-1);
+ screen.set_size(12*6+1, 7+2);
+ screen.set_visarea_full();
diff --git a/src/mame/layout/saitek_risc2500.lay b/src/mame/layout/saitek_risc2500.lay
index 1a211c97698..4e2737c70dc 100644
--- a/src/mame/layout/saitek_risc2500.lay
+++ b/src/mame/layout/saitek_risc2500.lay
@@ -111,6 +111,8 @@
<element name="lcd_bg"><rect><color red="0.5412" green="0.57255" blue="0.5804" /></rect></element>
<element name="background"><rect><color red="0.63" green="0.63" blue="0.63" /></rect></element>
<element name="blackb"><rect><color red="0.1" green="0.1" blue="0.1" /></rect></element>
+ <element name="whitew"><rect><color red="1" green="1" blue="1" /></rect></element>
+ <element name="bmask"><rect><color red="0.17" green="0.15" blue="0.15" /></rect></element>
<element name="piece" defstate="0">
<image file="chess/wp.png" state="1"/>
@@ -146,7 +148,7 @@
<!-- sb board -->
- <element name="cwhite"><rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect></element>
+ <element name="cwhite"><rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect></element>
<element name="cblack"><rect><color red="0.40" green="0.40" blue="0.40" /></rect></element>
<element name="hlbb" defstate="0">
@@ -269,34 +271,34 @@
<element name="text_uit2"><text string="INTERFACE"><color red="0.81" green="0.8" blue="0.79" /></text></element>
<element name="text_uib1"><text string="BOARD:"><color red="0.81" green="0.8" blue="0.79" /></text></element>
<element name="text_uib2">
- <rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect>
+ <rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect>
<text string="RESET"><color red="0.01" green="0.01" blue="0.01" /></text>
<element name="text_uib3">
- <rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect>
+ <rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect>
<text string="CLEAR"><color red="0.01" green="0.01" blue="0.01" /></text>
<element name="text_uis1"><text string="SPAWN:"><color red="0.81" green="0.8" blue="0.79" /></text></element>
<element name="text_uih1"><text string="HAND:"><color red="0.81" green="0.8" blue="0.79" /></text></element>
<element name="text_uih2">
- <rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect>
+ <rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect>
<text string="REMOVE"><color red="0.01" green="0.01" blue="0.01" /></text>
<element name="text_uiu1"><text string="UNDO:"><color red="0.81" green="0.8" blue="0.79" /></text></element>
<element name="text_uiu2a">
- <rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect>
+ <rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect>
<text string=" &lt;&lt;"><color red="0.01" green="0.01" blue="0.01" /></text>
<element name="text_uiu2b">
- <rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect>
+ <rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect>
<text string=" &lt; "><color red="0.01" green="0.01" blue="0.01" /></text>
<element name="text_uiu2c">
- <rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect>
+ <rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect>
<text string=" &gt;"><color red="0.01" green="0.01" blue="0.01" /></text>
<element name="text_uiu2d">
- <rect><color red="1.00" green="1.00" blue="1.00" /></rect>
+ <rect><color red="0.93" green="0.93" blue="0.93" /></rect>
<text string=" &gt;&gt;"><color red="0.01" green="0.01" blue="0.01" /></text>
<element name="text_uiu3a" defstate="0">
@@ -396,7 +398,7 @@
<group name="lcd">
<bounds x="0" y="0" width="30" height="11.2" />
<element ref="lcd_bg"><bounds x="0" y="0" width="30.0" height="11.2" /></element>
- <screen index="0" blend="alpha"><bounds x="0" y="0.3" width="30" height="3.5" /></screen>
+ <screen index="0" blend="alpha"><bounds x="0" y="0.35" width="30" height="3.6986" /></screen>
<bezel name="sym12" element="sym_colon" ><bounds x="12.0" y="4.5" width="1.5" height="3" /></bezel>
<bezel name="sym13" element="sym_colon" ><bounds x="24.2" y="4.5" width="1.5" height="3" /></bezel>
@@ -426,11 +428,10 @@
<!-- build screen -->
- <view name="Internal Layout">
+ <view name="Internal Layout (Full)">
<bounds x="0" y="0" width="167" height="90" />
<element ref="background"><bounds x="13" y="0" width="154" height="90" /></element>
- <element ref="blackb"><bounds x="107.8" y="4.3" width="30.4" height="11.6" /></element>
<bezel element="text_8" ><bounds x="18" y="6" width="2" height="2" /></bezel>
<bezel element="text_7" ><bounds x="18" y="16" width="2" height="2" /></bezel>
@@ -481,12 +482,15 @@
<bezel element="text_down" ><bounds x="145" y="51" width="7" height="3" /></bezel>
<bezel element="text_enter" ><bounds x="154" y="52" width="7" height="2" /></bezel>
- <bezel element="text_p1" ><bounds x="110.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /><color alpha="0.85" /></bezel>
- <bezel element="text_p2" ><bounds x="119.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /><color alpha="0.85" /></bezel>
- <bezel element="text_p3" ><bounds x="128.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /><color alpha="0.85" /></bezel>
- <bezel element="text_p4" ><bounds x="137.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /><color alpha="0.85" /></bezel>
- <bezel element="text_p5" ><bounds x="146.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /><color alpha="0.85" /></bezel>
- <bezel element="text_p6" ><bounds x="155.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /><color alpha="0.85" /></bezel>
+ <element ref="whitew"><bounds x="110.5" y="65.5" width="50" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="text_p1"><bounds x="110.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="text_p2"><bounds x="119.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="text_p3"><bounds x="128.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="text_p4"><bounds x="137.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="text_p5"><bounds x="146.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="text_p6"><bounds x="155.5" y="65.5" width="4" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="bmask" blend="add"><bounds x="110.5" y="65.5" width="50" height="4" /></element>
+ <element ref="background" blend="multiply"><bounds x="110.5" y="65.5" width="50" height="4" /></element>
<bezel element="hlb" inputtag="RESET" inputmask="0x00000001"><bounds x="109" y="40" width="8" height="2" /></bezel>
<bezel element="hlb" inputtag="P7" inputmask="0x80000000"><bounds x="120" y="40" width="8" height="2" /></bezel>
@@ -508,12 +512,14 @@
<bezel element="hlb" inputtag="P1" inputmask="0x40000000"><bounds x="145" y="70" width="7" height="2" /></bezel>
<bezel element="hlb" inputtag="P0" inputmask="0x40000000"><bounds x="154" y="70" width="7" height="2" /></bezel>
- <group ref="lcd"><bounds x="108" y="4.5" width="30" height="11.2" /></group>
+ <element ref="blackb"><bounds x="107.8" y="10.4" width="30.4" height="11.6" /></element>
+ <group ref="lcd"><bounds x="108" y="10.6" width="30" height="11.2" /></group>
<group ref="sb_board"><bounds x="21" y="2" width="80" height="80" /></group>
- <group ref="sb_ui"><bounds x="1.5" y="5" width="10" height="80" /></group>
+ <group ref="sb_ui"><bounds x="1.5" y="2" width="10" height="80" /></group>
- <view name="LCD">
+ <view name="Internal Layout (LCD)">
<group ref="lcd"><bounds x="0" y="0" width="30" height="11.2" /></group>