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r2dx_v33: Add note about New Zero Team 1998 release (#8503)
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diff --git a/src/mame/drivers/r2dx_v33.cpp b/src/mame/drivers/r2dx_v33.cpp
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--- a/src/mame/drivers/r2dx_v33.cpp
+++ b/src/mame/drivers/r2dx_v33.cpp
@@ -1082,6 +1082,7 @@ GAME( 1997, nzeroteama, zeroteam, nzerotea, nzerotea, r2dx_v33_state, init_nzer
// 'V33 SYSTEM TYPE_C' - uses V33 CPU, basically the same board as TYPE_C VER2
// there is a version of New Zero Team on "V33 SYSTEM TYPE_C" board with EEPROM rather than dipswitches like Zero Team 2000
+// 1998 release of New Zero team on this hardware also exists, but not dumped:
// 'V33 SYSTEM TYPE_C VER2' - uses V33 CPU, COPX-D3 external protection rom, but still has the proper sound system, unencrypted sprites, EEPROM for settings. PCB also seen without 'VER2', looks the same
GAME( 2000, zerotm2k, zeroteam, zerotm2k, zerotm2k, r2dx_v33_state, init_zerotm2k, ROT0, "Seibu Kaihatsu", "Zero Team 2000", MACHINE_SUPPORTS_SAVE)