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mz700: added a software list to document tape dumps [FatArnold]
out of whatsnew: I also hooked up the list to the driver, even if I have no idea to which degree the system works these days (I don't know much about this machine).
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@@ -108,6 +108,7 @@ hash/msx2_cart.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/mz2000_cass.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/mz2000_flop.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/mz2500.xml svneol=native#text/xml
+hash/mz700_cass.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/n64.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/neogeo.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/nes.hsi svneol=native#text/plain