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(MESS) mz2000: added and hooked up software lists for tapes and floppies. tapes do not work, and we need proper dumps of the cassette BASIC. [Fabio Priuli]
out of whatsnew: the disk dumps do not come from original media, but given that no more program disks ever appeared in the past two years and that even the website which originally hosted these disks disappeared, it is definitely worth documenting them before they get lost forever...
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hash/msx1_cart.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/msx2.hsi svneol=native#text/plain
hash/msx2_cart.xml svneol=native#text/xml
+hash/mz2000_cass.xml svneol=native#text/xml
+hash/mz2000_flop.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/mz2500.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/n64.xml svneol=native#text/xml
hash/neogeo.xml svneol=native#text/plain