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Zeus hardware:
* Cleaned up zeus wave RAM accessors. * Changed rendering code to allow for greater parallelism on multicore systems. * Removed some vestigial zeus 2 hacks. * Reduced visible area to remove artifacts. * Made right/bottom vertices inclusive to fix some gapping issues. * Fixed invasn lightgun offset. * Marked invasn as playable. Zeus 2 hardware: * Fixed ROM loading, added banking support. * Separated zeus 2 video implementation from zeus implementation. * Implemented direct pixel accesses; enough to get startup screens to show. ADSP-2100: * Properly documented ADSP-2104 internal memory map.
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@@ -2900,6 +2900,7 @@ src/mame/video/midtunit.c svneol=native#text/plain
src/mame/video/midvunit.c svneol=native#text/plain
src/mame/video/midyunit.c svneol=native#text/plain
src/mame/video/midzeus.c svneol=native#text/plain
+src/mame/video/midzeus2.c svneol=native#text/plain
src/mame/video/mikie.c svneol=native#text/plain
src/mame/video/mitchell.c svneol=native#text/plain
src/mame/video/mjkjidai.c svneol=native#text/plain