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Allow full build on android:
* rename si_status to si_status_val in n64 as si_status is a preprocessor macro on Android * rename PAGE_MASK to page_mask in samcoupe to avoid clash with macro (it's a local anyway) * abuse namespaces to get around the conflict between our x86emit::REG_Rn and Android's ::REG_Rn in DRC
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diff --git a/.drone.yml b/.drone.yml
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@@ -26,10 +26,10 @@ notify:
port: $$IRC_PORT
password: $$IRC_PASS
tls: true
- when:
- success: false
- failure: true
- change: true
+ when:
+ success: false
+ failure: true
+ change: true
# Need to regen secrets file (.drone.sec) from within to enable