BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
a800_cartFix merge angelosa8 weeks
atarist_floppy-soundsatari/atarist.cpp: enable floppy sounds angelosa2 months
bda_window_fixBFM BDA: Use std functions to do the job (nw) James Wallace5 months
cdtv_chd-v5hash/cdtv.xml: convert old CHDs to v5 angelosa6 weeks
dc_pvr-threadsega/powervr2.cpp: apply portions of PR #7746 to newest code angelosa4 weeks
masterFix LeapFrogs' softwarelist name (#11310) ArcadeShadow43 min.
pci_p5txlataito/taitowlf.cpp: fix RAM size [skip ci] angelosa3 days
rapidjsonUpdate rapidjson to 012be8528783cdbf4b7a9e64f78bd8f056b97e24 Milo Yip4 months
taitoair_vcotaito/tc0080vco.cpp: describe fix angelosa7 months
vga_modern-2pc_vga.cpp: convert GC to gc_map angelosa22 hours
mame0255commit c6650dc072... Vas Crabb5 days
mame0254commit bfa8d724a0... Vas Crabb6 weeks
mame0253commit b6d9756c5e... Vas Crabb2 months
mame0252commit fb98822c34... Vas Crabb3 months
mame0251commit 34e6ec1ef8... Vas Crabb5 months
mame0250commit b7cbe74c4b... Vas Crabb6 months
mame0249commit 91c5b9ecea... Vas Crabb7 months
mame0248commit 2d3d0deec8... Vas Crabb8 months
mame0247commit fa2d36c634... Vas Crabb9 months
mame0246commit 205b03897c... Vas Crabb10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-02-15Improve abstract class docspy_regtests angelosa1-6/+9
2021-02-15tool_tester: add optional arguments (single shot, verbose log output, work di... angelosa7-27/+96
2021-02-03Make some reorganization to assets folder, add romcmp tests angelosa17-15/+245
2021-01-31Explicit python version requirement angelosa1-1/+5
2021-01-30tool_tester: make a very simple pngcmp tester angelosa6-6/+57
2021-01-30ABC basic unit testing features, make a dataclass mapper example for test par... angelosa12-90/+210
2021-01-29regtests: disable faulty tests, make a preliminary new test suite for unidasm angelosa8-4/+113
2021-01-29chdtest: make it to properly return a status code != 0 on failures angelosa2-110/+113
2021-01-28jungleyo.cpp: Added reel layer drawing, implemented priority selection, and h... Angelo Salese1-74/+189
2021-01-28Unbreak aarch64 and arm builds (#7708) Julian Sikorski1-0/+2
2021-01-27New machines marked as NOT_WORKING (#7706) ClawGrip2-3/+18
2021-01-26kpontoon: add text layer tilemap, palette, and char ROM readback for POST [R.... arbee1-28/+114
2021-01-26midtunit.cpp + midyunit.cpp: Correct ROM labels for the Mortal Kombat sets Brian Troha2-330/+331
2021-01-26rs232: HLE updates AJR86-131/+42
2021-01-26cave.cpp: Correct some typos & update documentation for Hotdog Storm Brian Troha1-16/+16
2021-01-26New machines marked as NOT_WORKING Ivan Vangelista2-1/+23
2021-01-26New working clones Ivan Vangelista2-0/+26
2021-01-27New machines marked as NOT_WORKING (#7702) ClawGrip4-0/+125
2021-01-27Merge tag 'mame0228' into mainline-master Vas Crabb2-4/+4
2021-01-27bogeyman.cpp, shootout.cpp: Corrected monitor orientation to ROT180. [Corrado... Angelo Salese3-7/+9
2021-01-27oric.cpp: Dumped oric1 BASIC 1.0 UK BIOS. (#7697) [tante ju] rfka011-1/+4
2021-01-26laserbas: Improve gfx rendering, implement BG scrolling, correct screen raw p... Dirk Best1-51/+55
2021-01-26saitek_egr: add compatibility filter hap3-3/+6
2021-01-26Updated GitHub CI for executable names, added ORM check to Linux builds Vas Crabb3-9/+11
2021-01-26Version bumpmame0228 Vas Crabb2-4/+4