BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master(MESS) fc100 : added keyboard and uart.robbbert21 min.
old_menusSync with trunk (nw)alexjack3 days
osdMerge in changes into osd branch (nw)Miodrag Milanovic4 days
new_menusSwallowing shortcut keys the first time the menu comes up; now ESC in the F4 ...Nathan Woods8 days
alto2alto2: Compile fix for windows and exception at exit fixed (nw)Miodrag Milanovic2 weeks
amigacompile fix for amiga branch (nw)Miodrag Milanovic4 weeks
hazeMVS multi-slotMiodrag Milanovic5 months
rbelmonthashes (nw)rbelmont10 months
ryaninitialize hal properly (nw)Miodrag Milanovic11 months
couriersUpdate couriersud branch with cross build make systemcouriers6 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mame0153.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic13 days  mame0152.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic4 months  mame0151.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic5 months  mame0150.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic7 months  mame0149u1.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic9 months  mame0149.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic10 months  mame0148u5.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic11 months  mame0148u4.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic12 months  mame0148u3.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic12 months  mame0148u2.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
21 min.(MESS) fc100 : added keyboard and uart.HEADrefs/svn/root/trunkmasterrobbbert1-39/+123
2 hours(MESS) fc100 : connected char rom, inverse attribute, cursor.robbbert1-7/+14
3 hours(MESS) New NOT WORKING system [Robbbert, Anna Wu]robbbert3-0/+248
4 hoursthe new borencha set doesn't properly initialize NVRAM if it is invalid causi...dhaywood1-2/+2
5 hoursmodernize a little (nw)dhaywood1-56/+81
5 hoursSystem C2 didn't entirely like those last changes. 3834/2612 difference? (nw)rbelmont1-1/+25
6 hoursThis game has never worked (nw)tafoid1-1/+1
8 hoursnext: Setup the time [O. Galibert]olivierg3-1/+20
8 hoursnext: Add mouse [O. Galibert]olivierg5-78/+281
8 hoursmccs1850: Fix multi-write [O. Galibert]olivierg1-1/+2
8 hoursmislabelling (nw)andreasn1-1/+1
8 hours(MESS) Apple I: Support CFFA1 Compact Flash/IDE adaptor [R. Belmont, based on...rbelmont4-0/+210
10 hours(MESS) pet: Added user port diagnostic connector. [Curt Coder]curtcode7-40/+184
10 hours8042kbdc: PULSE_LINE appears not to work through devcb2 (nw)crazyc1-1/+2
11 hoursmsm6255: Cleanup. (nw)curtcode3-75/+45
11 hours(MESS) Apple 1: Added support for expansion slot, moved cassette interface to...rbelmont9-145/+636
13 hoursa bit faster this way =)hap1-16/+10
13 hoursPong: Don't use "high" where analog source "V5" is more appropriate.couriers1-4/+2
14 hoursnew clonesdhaywood3-4/+70
14 hourstweaked comments a bit based on further info (nw)dhaywood1-12/+12
14 hoursnew clonedhaywood2-1/+31
17 hoursTempest: instead of running at perfect interleave constantly use boost_interl...couriers1-3/+24
19 hoursnamcoic.c: remove legacy read/write handlers [Alex Jackson]alexjack6-101/+33
21 hours(MESS) Added a hack to stop stereo covox from crashing due to startup orderin...smf1-1/+1
24 hoursSmall typo fix. Doesn't fix covox_stereo regression. (nw)ivanva1-2/+2