BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterIgnore moc missing if MOC_FILES is empty (nw)Miodrag Milanovic24 min.
kaleMinor clean-up, of course it requires true ASCI emulation.Angelo Salese4 weeks
revert-137-masterRevert "SEGA:System-E::fantzn2 extend YM2413."Alex W. Jackson6 weeks
osd(OSD BRANCH) fix, but have to check why this is not workingMiodrag Milanovic6 months
new_menusSwallowing shortcut keys the first time the menu comes up; now ESC in the F4 ...Nathan Woods12 months
alto2alto2: Compile fix for windows and exception at exit fixed (nw)Miodrag Milanovic12 months
hazeMVS multi-slotMiodrag Milanovic16 months
rbelmonthashes (nw)R. Belmont21 months
ryaninitialize hal properly (nw)Miodrag Milanovic22 months
couriersUpdate couriersud branch with cross build make systemCouriersud7 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mame0160.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic7 days  mame0159.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic5 weeks  mame0158.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic2 months  mame0157.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic3 months  mame0156.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic4 months  mame0155.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic6 months  mame0154.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic8 months  mame0153.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic12 months  mame0152.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic15 months  mame0151.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
24 min.Ignore moc missing if MOC_FILES is empty (nw)HEADmasterMiodrag Milanovic1-0/+2
32 min.Ok shuffling doneMiodrag Milanovic6-13/+33
87 min.fix it properly (nw)Miodrag Milanovic5-21/+13
97 min.uf reverting breaks mingw (nw)Miodrag Milanovic3-5/+9
100 min.moved unicode specific build defines in genie.lua to fix tools build (nw)Miodrag Milanovic3-9/+5
2 hoursMSVC build fix (nw)Miodrag Milanovic2-6/+9
3 hoursMove osdcore.c back into libocore, don't allow libutil to #include osdVas Crabb3-142/+142
4 hoursLink osdnet into a library reflecting its location, define USE_NETWORK proper...Vas Crabb7-11/+7
5 hoursBring back NOASMVas Crabb7-76/+134
7 hoursFix accidentally reversed #if (nw)Alex W. Jackson1-1/+1
7 hoursFix more breakageVas Crabb2-2/+2
8 hoursFix bad breakage - sorry guysVas Crabb1-2/+2
8 hoursStart removing the use of OSD macros outside OSD since core objects are share...Vas Crabb6-9/+9
9 hoursniyanpai.c: fix banking, remove an additional trampoline (nw)Alex W. Jackson2-21/+9
9 hoursFix Cocoa debugger leaks with SDL2, still looking into crash on exitVas Crabb2-0/+8
9 hoursFix MT05854 (no whatsnew)mahlemiut1-3/+3
9 hoursBuild Qt debugger on OSX if requestedVas Crabb1-5/+11
10 hoursUpdated PC88VA to use am9517a, nwAngelo Salese2-19/+20
11 hoursput the dirty hacks to get into test mode in the code, the sound tests are us...mamehaze1-2/+19
12 hoursAdd back DIRECTINPUT config for Windows OSDVas Crabb3-3/+38
12 hoursMerge branch 'master' of Salese16-322/+593
12 hoursirq 2 is certainly used somehow, I don't know yet where tho ... (it apparentl...Angelo Salese1-3/+24
13 hoursnew clonesmamehaze2-2/+60
13 hours(MESS)New working game addedhap3-7/+116
13 hoursBetter way to decide on whether to compile MOCVas Crabb1-8/+17