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masterMerge pull request #295 from shattered/_c60338dMiodrag Milanović8 min.
n64-angrylionnw, initial merge of angrylion's RDP changes.therealmogminer@gmail.com4 weeks
saturn_cdblockAttempting to change transfer active mechanism, doesn't change anything, to b...angelosa5 weeks
angelosa-patch-1I'm sick of seeing MCFG_SCREEN_VBLANK_TIME ...angelosa8 weeks
Coweringwork around I64FMT in GCC5.1Cowering8 weeks
revert-215-sdl_refreshrateRevert "In SDL version, fix refresh rate setting in fullscreen"R. Belmont2 months
rdp-sserdp-sse (nw) Proper fix for bilinear_filtertherealmogminer@gmail.com2 months
kaleMinor clean-up, of course it requires true ASCI emulation.Angelo Salese6 months
revert-137-masterRevert "SEGA:System-E::fantzn2 extend YM2413."Alex W. Jackson6 months
osd(OSD BRANCH) fix, but have to check why this is not workingMiodrag Milanovic11 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mame0165.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic4 days  mame0164.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic5 weeks  mame0163.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic2 months  mame0162.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic3 months  mame0161.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic4 months  mame0160.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic5 months  mame0159.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic6 months  mame0158.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic7 months  mame0157.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic8 months  mame0156.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic9 months
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8 min.Merge pull request #295 from shattered/_c60338dHEADmasterMiodrag Milanović3-46/+20
8 min.Merge pull request #294 from shattered/_276b447Miodrag Milanović2-11/+29
19, at_keybc: hook up Display Switchrefs/pull/295/headSergey Svishchev3-46/+20
12 hoursfix snmath decimal pointhap1-3/+4
13 hoursbesta: hook up 68230refs/pull/294/headSergey Svishchev1-11/+21
13 hours68230: handle Port C Data Direction Register (register 4)Sergey Svishchev1-0/+8
15 hoursc64_flop.xml: Added Elektra Glide and KoalaPainter. [Curt Coder]Curt Coder1-0/+28
38 hoursMerge pull request #287 from felipesanches/canons80R. Belmont3-3/+59
38 hoursgroundfx.c: fix accelerator [baritonomarchetto]arbee1-1/+1
39 hoursa800_flop.xml: Added Elektra Glide and KoalaPainter. [Curt Coder]Curt Coder1-0/+27
40 hoursComment LOG lines which are causing "error: unknown conversion type character...Scott Stone1-5/+5
41 hoursMerge branch 'master' of Stone5-453/+848
41 hoursMerge pull request #293 from JoakimLarsson/m0165_fcc1_3R. Belmont5-453/+848
41 hoursMerge branch 'master' of Stone1-0/+5
41 hoursMerge branch 'master' of Stone20-63/+117
41 hoursMerge pull request #290 from einstein95/megadriv-patchR. Belmont1-0/+5
41 hoursCommented MCFG_QUANTUM_TIME() entries in zaccaria.c driver and tested each ga...Scott Stone1-3/+3
41 hoursMerge pull request #262 from ensjo/patch-1R. Belmont1-6/+6
41 hoursMerge pull request #291 from rzero9/patch-1R. Belmont1-0/+38
41 hoursMerge pull request #265 from superctr/masterR. Belmont9-39/+23
41 hoursMerge pull request #289 from DrMefistO/masterR. Belmont9-18/+50
47 hourssf2m9: improved the pictureRobbbert1-1/+1
2 daysFixed machgjoe title formattingrefs/pull/291/headr091-1/+1
2 daysxbox.c: add values for pic challenge handshake (nw)yz70s1-4/+7
2 dayschihiro.c: under the hood 3d accelerator changes [Samuele Zannoli]yz70s2-40/+221