BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master(MESS) sms.c: Small improvements to the latching of some registers. Fixes fli...Wilbert Pol0 min.
osd(OSD BRANCH) Sync important things with mainMiodrag Milanovic2 weeks
new_menusSwallowing shortcut keys the first time the menu comes up; now ESC in the F4 ...Nathan Woods5 months
alto2alto2: Compile fix for windows and exception at exit fixed (nw)Miodrag Milanovic5 months
hazeMVS multi-slotMiodrag Milanovic10 months
rbelmonthashes (nw)rbelmont15 months
ryaninitialize hal properly (nw)Miodrag Milanovic16 months
couriersUpdate couriersud branch with cross build make systemcouriers7 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mame0154.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic8 weeks  mame0153.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic5 months  mame0152.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic9 months  mame0151.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic10 months  mame0150.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic12 months  mame0149u1.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic14 months  mame0149.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic15 months  mame0148u5.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic16 months  mame0148u4.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic17 months  mame0148u3.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
0 min.(MESS) sms.c: Small improvements to the latching of some registers. Fixes fli...HEADrefs/svn/root/trunkmasterWilbert Pol3-30/+44
5 min.sb16.c: Removed unused m_bps variable. (nw)Wilbert Pol1-1/+1
39 min.Fuck yeah.olivierg1-17/+17
82 min.fix sprite clipping (nw)olivierg1-8/+8
2 hoursglass roof (nw)olivierg1-0/+3
3 hours(MESS) Fixed issue with messtiny build (additional bioses are no longer separ...tafoid1-3/+2
3 hourssoftwarelist correction from m4st4hap1-3/+3
4 hoursnew clonesdhaywood3-1/+45
5 hoursMore colors (nw)olivierg1-4/+3
6 hoursmissing blended color (nw)olivierg1-2/+2
6 hoursmemory.c: fix memdump output for nop/unmapped/watchpoint entries, broken by r...alexjack1-47/+11
6 hoursfix blending some more (nw)olivierg2-32/+72
11 hourstrident: extended 3d8/3d9/CR0E new mode SVGA bank size. BIOS now detects 2MB...barryrod2-9/+12
12 hoursdouble buffer nmk16 sprites (nw)dhaywood1-3/+7
16 hoursui: fixed crash when loading floppies with no parent softwareFabio Priuli1-2/+2
16 hourssoftlist: fixed inconsistent -listsoftware output. [phulshof]Fabio Priuli1-7/+6
17 hourstrident: some WIP, added CRTC offset bit 8 and start address bits 16-18.barryrod3-9/+131
24 hoursnew NOT WORKINGdhaywood2-0/+12
24 hoursadd palette dma (RAM to private buffer) to all seibu cop gamesdhaywood12-999/+508
43 hoursftspeed: Redumped ic15, fixes graphics glitches on some stages. [Cah4e3]rbelmont1-1/+1
46 hourssb16: comment out unused variable (no whatsnew)barryrod1-1/+1
47 hours(MESS) geneve: Give grom_address an initial value. (nw)Michael Zapf1-0/+1
47 hours(MESS) ti99: Avoid debugger messing up the setaddress/memory access pairs. (nw)Michael Zapf4-10/+101
47 hours(mess) sb16: small fix (nw)crazyc1-1/+1
47 hours(mess) sb16: Add Soundblaster 16 low level emulation [Carl, Malice, O. Galibert]crazyc5-1/+972