BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermore compile fixes (nw)GravatarGravatar R. Belmont5 hours
netlist_devSrcclean on netlist files. Avoid the merge massacre. (nw)GravatarGravatar couriersud3 days
memoryFill up dispatchingGravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert10 days
dbg-refactorFix Mac debuggerGravatarGravatar balr0g3 weeks
ksys573_ioAdjust colors, added disk, added ugly triangles (actually copied code from la...GravatarGravatar angelosa3 weeks
voodoo_directx11(nw) Merge branch 'master' into voodoo_directx11GravatarGravatar Ted Green4 weeks
revert-893-patinho_feioRevert "Further improvements to the Patinho Feio driver & CPU"GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb5 weeks
bgfx_shaderTypo fix, nwGravatarGravatar therealmogminer@gmail.com3 months
doxygendocumentation wipGravatarGravatar balr0g3 months
h8***WIP***GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert4 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mame0174.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic5 weeks  mame0173.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2 months  mame0172.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic3 months  mame0171.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic4 months  mame0170.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic5 months  mame0169.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic6 months  mame0168.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic7 months  mame-0.3.1.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar hadley8 months  mame0167.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic8 months  mame0166.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 hoursmore compile fixes (nw)HEADmasterGravatarGravatar R. Belmont1-2/+1
5 hoursfix compile (nw)GravatarGravatar R. Belmont1-1/+1
12 hourssun4.cpp: Add older version SPARCstation IPX ROM as an alt bios; add ROM loca...GravatarGravatar Lord-Nightmare1-1/+4
13 hoursfmtowns_cd: some cleanups and consistency fixes. nw.GravatarGravatar etabeta781-463/+423
13 hoursadditional info. nw.GravatarGravatar etabeta781-2/+2
13 hourscheckpoint. nw.GravatarGravatar etabeta789-19/+311
13 hoursThis should fix most (hopefully all) the problems of MT06253. Many thanks toGravatarGravatar etabeta781-3/+5
16 hoursMerge pull request #1005 from MooglyGuy/masterGravatarGravatar Vas Crabb1-1/+258
17 hoursFix spurious double-load in SPARC corerefs/pull/1005/headGravatarGravatar therealmogminer@gmail.com1-1/+258
17 hoursFlaming 7: Fixed the Paytable DIP switches. [Roberto Fresca]GravatarGravatar RobertoFresca2-5/+17
21 hourssun4: checkpoint (nw, will synthesize whatsnew later)GravatarGravatar arbee1-11/+27
22 hourssmall cleanup (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2-15/+15
23 hoursAdd support for showing will branch/will fall through comment on SPARC branch...GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb5-36/+186
26 hoursMerge pull request #1001 from rzero9/patch-1GravatarGravatar etabeta781-10/+289
29 hoursFix region endian too, nwGravatarGravatar angelosa1-3/+3
32 hoursvt240: keyboard_error-- (nw)GravatarGravatar cracyc1-7/+24
35 hoursMerge pull request #1003 from system11b/S11battleraGravatarGravatar MetalliC1-7/+4
36 hoursmono pcbrefs/pull/1003/headGravatarGravatar system11b1-7/+4
37 hours1943.cpp: Fixes - NWGravatarGravatar briantro1-21/+21
39 hoursMerge pull request #1002 from MooglyGuy/masterGravatarGravatar Vas Crabb1-1/+1
39 hoursMerge remote-tracking branch 'mainline/master'refs/pull/1002/headGravatarGravatar therealmogminer@gmail.com8-87/+148
39 hoursFix validation error in debuggerGravatarGravatar therealmogminer@gmail.com1-1/+1
40 hoursUI:fixed a problem with game list when using MS Sans Serif font.GravatarGravatar Robbbert1-1/+1
40 hourspc98_cd.xml: more additions & misc fixesrefs/pull/1001/headGravatarGravatar r091-10/+289
40 hoursMerge pull request #1000 from MooglyGuy/masterGravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2-2/+8