BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastersmall cleanuphap11 hours
osdRecreated osd branchMiodrag Milanovic7 days
new_menusSwallowing shortcut keys the first time the menu comes up; now ESC in the F4 ...Nathan Woods4 months
alto2alto2: Compile fix for windows and exception at exit fixed (nw)Miodrag Milanovic4 months
amigacompile fix for amiga branch (nw)Miodrag Milanovic4 months
hazeMVS multi-slotMiodrag Milanovic8 months
rbelmonthashes (nw)rbelmont13 months
ryaninitialize hal properly (nw)Miodrag Milanovic14 months
couriersUpdate couriersud branch with cross build make systemcouriers6 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mame0154.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic9 days  mame0153.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic4 months  mame0152.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic7 months  mame0151.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic9 months  mame0150.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic10 months  mame0149u1.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic12 months  mame0149.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic14 months  mame0148u5.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic14 months  mame0148u4.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic15 months  mame0148u3.tar.bz2  Miodrag Milanovic16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hourssmall cleanupHEADrefs/svn/root/trunkmasterhap2-126/+21
12 hours(MESS) sms.c: Restore selected cartridge when loading a save state for the st...Wilbert Pol4-9/+18
12 hourssh4.c: Get rid of pointers to member functions (nw)Wilbert Pol2-432/+942
19 hoursremoved unneeded includesrobbbert6-6/+0
19 hourssplash was mostly developed by OMK Software:
21 hoursfm2612: fixed missing dac channel on savestate load [dink (FB Alpha project)]dhaywood1-1/+5
21 hourspps4 / gts1 : added notesrobbbert2-49/+229
28 hoursby6803: preliminary workrobbbert1-19/+373
35 hoursfix prev commit again + removed unneeded class member names prefixeshap4-177/+163
37 hourscopypaste mistakehap1-2/+2
37 hourssmall cleanuphap3-150/+46
41 hoursrender_screen_list::contains - instead of false/true, return number of same i...hap2-5/+6
42 hoursk053246: fix 8bpp ROM readback; remove some obsolete trampoline and debug han...alexjack7-213/+65
48 hoursmy poor eyeshap1-0/+8
3 daysStop contradicting me (nw)olivierg1-1/+1
3 daysAdded save state to keyboard.c, rs232/keyboard.c, and i8251.c (nw)Wilbert Pol5-2/+51
3 days(MESS) xor100.c: Restore banks after load (nw)Wilbert Pol2-0/+9
3 daysby35.c : copied by17 code in, most games boot although none are playable in a...robbbert4-20/+608
3 daysby17.c : WIProbbbert4-40/+45
3 daystasman.c: Remove extraneous K053246/7 device and use correct gfx layout for K...alexjack6-71/+45
3 daysfix compile (nw)alexjack1-2/+2
3 daysadded battery status to UI system confighap2-8/+42
3 daysgimix: made drive size DIP switch use a PORT_CHANGED callback so a reset is n...barryrod1-2/+12
3 daysnot scared of vowelshap3-15/+15
4 dayspeplus.c: Documentation update - File in paytables, minor corrections & add p...briantro1-17/+151